Visual Connection Mapping Application of the Communication Model on an equality peer (non-dsm to non-dsm) level

Communication Model abstract drawing sampleVisual Connection Mapping sample

This is an example of a Visual Connection Mapping Drawing.

Visual Connection Mapping is the dialogue between the helper and the client, which is mapped out on paper at the time of the conversation, right in front of the client. This is an example of the outcome of the dialogue between helper and client.

The lines can have a symbolic nature and so can the color schemes, but just like each individual is unique – so too are each specific drawing that is created unique. Each Visual Connection Mapping drawing is saved and protected in a file for safe-keeping.


Gedo, J. E., & Pollock, G. H. (1976). Freud: The Fusion of Science and Humanism – The Intellectual History of Psychoanalysis. International Universities Press Inc. New York. P. 11.



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