Samples of Communication Model Drawings / Visual Connection Mapping

What are these drawings? What are their significance?

Visual Connection Mapping drawings. Visual Connection Mapping is the representation of the dialogue.

1. The drawings are drawings that symbolically represent emotions
2. The drawings tap into psychosis and draw it out into the open
3. The drawings bring individual ambivalence into the open in a non-judgmental way
4. The drawings are each unique to the experience. There is only one of each drawing
5. Each drawing is intended to lessen personal psychological distress
6. Each drawing is representative of self-empowerment
7. Each drawing is symbolic of the nature of the client
8. The practitioner creates the drawing while the interaction is taking place
9. The interaction is reciprocal in nature (the client talks while the practitioner draws – this is the reciprocal balance of power)
10. The results are often measured in human qualities – for example, they may include but do not need to include human qualities such as a smile, a gentler intonation, a positive interaction, lower expressed emotion and a heighten conscious raising experience.



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