Abstract counter-transference reference in nature

Dismantle the tangle

Psychosis is usually a human emotion that is tangled into a medical symptom.

Abstraction is found in the nature all around us. This photograph was taken at Island View Beach on Feb. 14, 2014. I took the photograph. It represents the tangled emotional nature that individuals can experience from time to time. Listening and being able to decipher complex thoughts is critical to understanding another.

The method of the abstract drawing, through visual connection mapping, is the emotion that the helper receives through the dialogue with the non-helper. The drawing shows psychosis in a concrete way. Exposing psychosis is key to understanding, verbalizing it and working towards a recovery to try to either accept its existence or work towards a recovery from it, or both at the same time. It helps with bending the ambivalence of its existence. And brings it out into the open in a non-direct approach.


Freud, Sigmund (1956) Delusion and Dream and other essays. The Beacon Press. P. 11.



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