The Communication Model, October 8 2013

The Communication Model is really a tool especially for individuals with serious mental illness, more specifically it is intended to help individuals who suffer from serious mental illness and help them to feel better. At the start of the development of the script / text of The Communication Model – it seemed that the Model was intended for every layer of society, perhaps because it was the intention to train random people within society into what serious mental illness is/ was. Now the Communication Model is shifting gears. It is really to focus on the needs of the individual within distress only. The Communication Model is taken a new shape. It is becoming more selective, private and confidential. It is shifting into a new dimension of confidentiality and sequencing. It is about the development of a therapeutic relationship combined with a secure trust and safety component.

The Communication Model is different than the Traditional psychiatric model because it is intended to help a group of severely marginalized individuals who fall between the cracks and land in a sort of No-Man’s-Land. This shades of grey area where individuals with serious mental illness can often find themselves is the kind of territory where there is virtually no help available, purely because of profoundly negative life circumstances that one finds himself/herself in.




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