Layers of Communication

12Organizations who help the marginalized are very complicated. On the one hand they help the marginalized and on the other hand they staff the organization in order to run it. Organizations and their staff have to use a judgement in order to safeguard their positions but can this form of judgement influence the treatment of ones clients? Do MBA system structures enable a productively flowing business? And can the MBA business model structure harm the quality received by the marginalized? How does social work not get tainted by policies, procedures and acts? Does there reside a quality control in social work, MBA business structures which are injected into organizations that attempt at helping the marginalized? Do the marginalized become numbers in an equation which end up on the desk of a lawyer, political leader or businessman? Why does this act seem so inhuman in itself? Where is the voice of the individual? In Victoria, BC many of the marginalized are on disability (finance), have a family doctor, a psychiatrist, a case worker, a social worker, take medications, go to support groups, have subsidized housing, get tax credits, have friends and family. This can be achieved by almost all marginalized individuals through rehabilitation. Is this life the life that people in Tent City want to achieve? What is missing?

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