Tent city Canada: Sedated in a cocoon sleeping state

Tent city in Victoria seems to be a poverty stricken situation when in actual fact the city of Victoria has been trying for decades to help these people. The Canadian government funds the hospital settings, where there are lots of mental health and addictions services provided to people with and without income for free. We live in a democratic system where the majority of the tax-payers often over-ride the minorities. This is the kind of political system the majority of Canadians want. Democracy is freedom. Some theorists believe that the homeless want to be homeless. Others believe it is a medical condition, perhaps schizophrenia, or perhaps addictions or a combination of both. There are laws in British Columbia which place people with schizophrenia and addictions into both a law system and a medical system. These two systems lead to a government Canadian financial / disability system as well. The individual becomes taken care of by the state. Tent city is the birth of all of these elements combined together. The physical appearance of tent city looks like a cocoon, it is like all the inhabitants are sedated and in a sleeping state, wanting to arise again.

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