Stealth communication

Stealth communication is the communication which management often uses to cover the truth of an ugly event. For example, in store 3109 employees were asked to come into a meeting room to listen to the store manager. The store manager mentioned that there will be new develops happening in the next 3 to 6 months. He mentions that four teams will be created and that this new management style will save the store (which makes half a million in sales a day). The employees leave the meeting all fired up, and think, “oh yeah, we will save the store from failure.” The stealth communication was the fact that this concoction was crafted at the Head Office of 219 stores and that it is intended to eliminate a layer of department managers by taking away their four daily tasks. The message of the stealth communication created an empathy by the employees, instead of an apathy towards the company for masterminding the disposal of positions. Photo, Swan Lake area, Vancouver Island.


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