Why visual connection mapping worked.

Visual Connection Mapping was a conversation and a drawing created by the helper who was listening to the client. What was so unique about this level of communication was the meta-psychology in it. For example, all the details within the crafted line drawings represented a human quality that was being relied through messaging to the listener and the receiver. Each intonation, eye glance, voice of emotion, movement, body gesture was recorded down into this abstract drawing. Many of the people in the drop in center would look onto the process in awe, as they had never seen a method like this applied before. The main component of this communication was the confidentiality. Every detail of the conversation was being recorded into an abstraction turning words into colors and patterns and emotions into sequences and codes of triangles, circles and squares. Verbal communication is one-lined – it is actually the details within the psychological behavior and the whole human experience which develops into designs of the soul. This is a one-of-a-kind human process which seemed to appeal to individuals who sat down next to me, out of free-will. (There are 6 folders of visual connection mapping drawings in my possession, 2013 to 2016). Photo of a detail 2015.


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