The tadpole and the shark

Joepiedom and Virgil are the rider and the horse that view things around Victoria and make a note of it. One of the details being viewed currently is the situation in which the tadpole and the shark are finding themselves in. The tadpole works in a department and the shark mentioned that the position no longer exists. The tadpole feels sad but the shark gets a financial bonus for eliminating the role in the department. This seems to be like point shaving in gambling where protocols that are in place to protect the tadpole are by-passed in order for the shark to gain more personal finances and at the same time taking away the finances from the tadpole. Joepiedom and Virgil often observe these situations and wonder what to do about them because they appear to be unfair to the tadpole and to benefit the shark hence creating an inequality between two species caused by power coercion and unjust behavior. Joepiedom and Virgil are very sensitive to these disparities and can identify them a mile away. They communicate to each other using their sixth sense and their telepathy and try to figure out what to do next.


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