Visual Connection Mapping Design 2016

Visual Connection Mapping allowed me to work with a client and map his psychological components through the use of an abstract drawing. Visual Connection Mapping is both an independent form of psychotherapy and a historic kind of psychotherapy. When I was very young and living in Islamabad, Pakistan, I reached to abstraction in order to account of very deep and abstract thoughts and emotions. As the days went on, I developed and designed more and more abstract drawings. One day into the future I started to apply the technique on people that I actually knew quite well. This deep development of trust was ready established and I was able to contribute to the wellness of others – by using Visual Connection Mapping. On a one on one level Visual Connection Mapping is a very powerful and useful tool. It can help others to contribute to change. There are components in Visual Connection Mapping which really do have healing qualities and components of restorative justice installed into them. Visual Connection Mapping also applied techniques of evocation versus education.

The funny thing with Visual Connection Mapping was that I used it in a Drop in Center and because I was analyzing and trying to help people in the Drop-in Center my experience started to expand past the client to include all of the people who were visiting the Drop-in center and then it expanded to include the volunteers, staff and management. Somehow them all became apart of my psychoanalysis. The equation seemed to expand and expand – including Government Funding sources, Government Policies and Politics and it then expanded to Canada and then to the United Nations International Law.

The effect of Visual Connection Mapping had such a deep affect on my psyche. It was an inverse reaction to an external problem. The construction of the designs of Visual Connection Mapping became to be like the architecture of the human race – and this was never the intention of the abstract designs but it is what happened.

Processing all of the data material that I gathered in my psyche during the three year period has been stuck for a good number of months and is only slowly but surely being processed into actual words, feelings, restorative justice components, contribute elements of change and philosophies which need to be expressed in order to be shared with everyone for the sake of open communication, open dialogue and freedom of speech and freedom of artistic expression. The aim is to continue to process the experience of being a mental health and addictions practitioner while conducting Visual Connection Mapping at Our Place Society in the Drop-In Center. In order to process the information – I needed to step away from conducting Visual Connection Mapping inside the Our Place Society drop in center. In order to reflect, process and address all the hundreds if not thousands of tiny detail components, I needed to step away from the face-to-face serving of clients – and seclude myself in order to let my mind settle, my emotions fall into place, my experiences relax and my moral lessons come to the surface of my conscious. This is part of the artistic and therapeutic process. This is part of the medical model sequencing.skeleton_png5539









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