Results of Visual Connection Mapping


Some of Visual Connection Mappings’ results consist of assumptions, judgements and conclusions based on more then a couple of years worth of observing the marginalized in Victoria City in three organizations. Five key points –

  1. A shared psychosis develops when a peer model is applied; that is why it is crucial, if not necessary, for the helper to be a trained Mental Health and Addictions Practitioner
  2. Multiple levels of bullying happens with the participants in the drop-in centers, peer support groups and studio groups;
  3. There is a communication distortion when it comes to operating within a hierarchical process – making it virtually impossible to create a respectful, equality-based and non-discriminatory environment which the participants aspire to
  4. A decentralized system structure is not possible
  5. The control of power, control and influence is in the hands of one leader in each organization. It does not trickle down.

*Note: based on specific details, components, and real-life examples 2012 to 2017 Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

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