New Beginnings


January 2017: Humanity is a very complicated subject, or is it? Throughout history, there seems to be a lot of comparisons between the personalities of leaders of countries and even within leaders within the sub-groups under the leaders. All of these individuals have very similar personality traits which are often considered power-oriented, survivalist and very interested in capitalism. Under the leaders are often the altruistic individuals, and often they are non-power hungry individuals. In the ideal society, equality should be at the fore-front but in reality often individuals who believe in discrimination and prejudice are at the fore-front. The corrupt rule the ethical in many cases. There are two holy professions left: the role of the artist and the role of the medical doctor. Both operate in the realm of ethics: the doctor through the Hippocratic oath and the artist through his/her search for truth. Often course, there can be cross-overs where the artist and the medical doctor turn into one. Medicine has something holy about it, as it is not an exact science. There are other components, such as the individual and their genes that make the whole person. Sometimes, when psychotherapy is administered, some individuals with serious mental illness can get better and heal; whereas sometimes some individuals cannot get better even though they received the exact same treatment as the other. This medical phenomenon is exactly what brings patient A and patient B into different categories and within a hospital setting, this can create a medical inequalities which are unintentional, and are discriminated through natural selection and nature. How much can a doctor actually control? Healing can be subjective.

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