VCM Notes on Ambivalence

During my face to face working at the Our Place Society drop in center, where Victoria City’s most vulnerable citizens go for food and shelter – I conducted Visual Connection Mapping (VCM) each Wednesday morning pro bono from 0900 to 11 am. After many sessions there with clients, I would often do investigative studies into my findings at the drop in center to make my understanding of the psychiatric symptoms displayed by clients bring me more awareness. My intention was if I educated myself on components which I was exposed to by the clients I would be better equipped and better able to help both them and me decipher the psychiatric symptoms at the next drop in center. This way I could provide more continuity of care and my aim was to provide a higher quality of continued service to the client.

The process of my investigation often led me to use peer academic database systems, such as the one at the University of Victoria (UVic)’s McPherson Library. My keyword searches were often based on the clients’ conversations that I had with him. (The majority of the clients were male, that is why I am using the word ‘him’ versus ‘her’). So my first component was to investigate [A] the conversation content.

Then what I often did was [B] investigate the psychiatric symptoms. For example, if I believed the vulnerable individual to have suffered from psychosis, treatment resistant psychosis or symptoms of serious mental illness, I would try to figure out what psychiatric symptom could best be used to classify the strain – and often I would delve into that singular symptom to gain more clarity into the subject. I often referenced books in the Psychology section of the McPherson Library, UVic.


[A] Conversation content components that were investigated

  1. Rescind: “to end (a law, contract, agreement).” For example, “The government eventually rescinded the directive.” Revoke, repeal, cancel, reverse, overturn, overrule, annul, nullify, void, invalidate, quash, abolish, to invalidate (an act, agreement, etc.)
  2. Stoning unruly mob Jewish barbarity breach between Church and Jews. The Way + The Jews
  3. Originary violence. Luke. The first martyred follower of Jesus + marked its first expansion. The Perfect Martyr Stephen 6:8 to 8:1
  4. Eusebius Hist eccl 5.2.5
  5. Sword of Damocles

[B] Psychiatric symptoms

  1. Ambivalence is devalued as primitive, pre – rational thinking on the one hand, and valued as evincing the highest cognitive imaginative and aesthetic faculties on the other hand.

Image of Ambivalence


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