Levels within Visual Connection mapping

1. Development level of Visual Connection Mapping

Like most projects, Visual Connection Mapping was constantly being developed while I was practicing it.

I often looked up Freud for inspiration.

“By picturing our wishes as fulfilled, dreams are after all leading us into the future. But this future, which the dreamer pictures as the present has been molded by his indestructible wish into a perfect likeness of the past.” Freud (SE 5:621)

“A mistaken idea had to be overcome which might have been almost fatal to the young science.” Freud (SE 14:17)


Other areas of inspiration,

Stanley Kunitz’s Collection, 1971

That pack of scoundrels tumbling through the gate emerges as the order of the state.


2. Brainstorming words

Real + Fantastic

Actual + Imaginary

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