Amor Fati

Key ideas which help to hold the practical application of Visual Connection Mapping together through the duration of the development


  1. Amor fati love of fate Nietzsche
  2. Amor dei intellectualis
  3. Spinoza and Freud: Self Knowledge as Emancipation. Philosophers of the dark enlightenment dsytopia. The true Oedipal drive
  4. The Freudian Oedipuis theory is a modern way of fulfilling the wish of the mythological king who did not rest until he discovered the hidden truth about himself and his real situation in the world, even at the price of tragedy and the loss of his two eyes. P. 136. Spinoza and Freud. Chapter on Self-Knowledge as Emancipation,see point 5 for the book title and author (here under)”
  5. Title: Spinoza and other heretics
    Author: Yovel, Yirmiyahu.
    McPherson Library: B3998 Y68

Ideas and quotes


“The heaven we shall leave

To the angels and to

the sparrows.” P. 162 (see point 5 for title and author)


“All things excellent

are as different as

they are rare.” Spinoza, P. 164 (see point 5 for title and author)

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