At the drop in center: what do I see?

Date December 18, 2014 at the drop in center at Our Place Society time 1030 am. Often professionals and non professionals would want to know what I saw when I went to Our Place Society because they themselves were curious but did not want to venture into the drop in center where the paid staff and the volunteers monitor and manage the influx of 800 vulnerable people coming in and out the drop in center every single day of the week.

Title: What do I see?

I look out the window while I sit in the drop in center at Our Place Society and I see individuals. One man is sitting on the concrete floor outside. He is a middle aged man. His hair is short and brown/black. Next to him  is a little dog, that looks like Bengy.



The dog is orange in color and wrapped up in a blanket, with just his head sticking out. The man has a green t-shirt on and a dark red dress shirt. He moves his head from left to right. He has a cigarette behind his right ear. He sits and remains seated while he talks to a standing man dressed all in grey clothes. His dog has a black leash band around his neck and the dog sits on a black and grey sports bag.

Behind the dog and the man is a full shopping cart to the left and to the right is a wall of different textures of materials that looks like a white mattress with a sheet on it, clothes towered on top and all kinds of cloth I cannot easily identify.

Crowding starts to grow in the open outside courtyard as two other individuals sit in their disability four-wheeled driving wheel chair – like devices. One man is brown in complexion with a red hat and a red logo on his black jacket and the other man is dressed completely in black, with a black wool hat on. Both individuals are smiling while they look content socializing with one another. Another man directly behind them has a clown hat on.


It is purple, red, yellow, green and black with about five points sticking out. He is a man between 30 – 40 years old and stands with a blue pack on his back with a rolled up pink blanket wrapped inside a blue thin camping mattress, all neatly placed snug coupled to his backpack. His blue and red lined scarf and two water bottles marks his craft of travelling like a soldier prepared.

(Image of a U.S. soldier carried his bag as he prepared)


He stands tall and still with a cup of coffee in his hand. He stares out past the black steel gates at Our Place Society’s courtyard and has a very clear spirit of happiness glowing from him.

Then he disappears and magically found his way inside the drop in center and our eyes met for a millisecond. His pupils in his eyes were dilated and he was smiling. Then he disappeared behind a staircase. I did not see him again.

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