Journal Entry

Journal Entry, August 27th, 2014, at Our Place Society


When one looks at the environment that a homeless individual resides in, there appears to be a direct cause and effect to a disparity. This disparity has to do with ethics and the personal judgement of a Westernized community. This judgement is related directly to the external community culture where the homeless individual lives. In Victoria on Vancouver Island a lot of the culture appears to represent Greek philosophy in the sense whereby the arts and the luxuries of the day are contained and transfered to the needs of the external community versus self. It is this perspective which contributes to homelessness because each homeless individual is unique and often within this uniqueness is a difference. This trait of being different often get stigmatized within Victoria City on Vancouver Island and this can be conquered and cured if the community starts to understand each homeless individual as a unique human being with self worth, community worth and societal worth.







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