The continual development of Visual Connection Mapping

Visual Connection Mapping’s application involves the art of Medicine.

In the past medicine used to be an art, hence the art of medicine.May of the human sciences fell outside the realm of Mathematics and Biology and instead answers where found within the unique individual him or herself versus a list of symptoms from in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM).

Visual Connection Mapping also believes that medicine and working within the Medical Model is an art versus an exact science.

Visual Connection Mapping is a unique experience of dialoguing. It works when communicating with a treatment resistant psychosis individual only. It is a singular communication between two individuals. The style of the conversation is different then other conversations. The style is one that redirects the attention away from the eyes and instead guides the eyes to the paper and the pen movements.

21741306_878047909015226_8076232396811175005_o(Image VCM 45)

This redirection of eye contact creates a safe zone and it opens up a realm of human psyche otherwise uncovered by the naked eye. The lines on the Visual Connection Mapping (see above image VCM 45) interaction magically becomes like roads and highway intersections crisscrossing each other and providing a safe haven for multiple layers of sense frequency transmission to come out.

The lines are all unconscious connections linking subject matter, topic changes and personal psychology history together. The multitude of sense frequency are often experienced by me (the helper) as I allow my emotion to be transmitted onto the paper in front of me.


(Image, VCM 410)

Sometimes the level of emotional conversation is so deep that it feels like radio waves are being transmitted into my body, which I then decipher cognitively and then encode in the designs of the pictures.

Sometimes an individual can break out in anger by elevating his voice or slamming his fists on the table and the diagram of Visual Connection Mapping then captures that moment in the line movements trapping the violent gesture like a fish in an aquarium, locking it in and sealing away the aggressive communication gesture of slamming down fists to the table by capturing and releasing the energy in a matter of two or three pen strokes.

The best way to describe the psyche experience of Visual Connection Mapping is to compare it to being on an airplane. Let me use a real airplane story to try my best to explain the experience of all the different factors involved and then I will try to strengthen the idea by using Visual Connection Mapping narrative details.

In 2006 I was on a Flight KLM 681 from Amsterdam to Vancouver. During that flight, I was a passenger sitting close to the right wing of the aircraft. Flying above the Rocky Mountains the airplane hit turbulence that caused the aircraft to shake tremendously from side to side and to jolt it from up to down. We hit numerous air pockets which illuminated all of my senses to an absolute terror, panic and helplessness all at once. I could feel the danger when the airplane dropped and then trying to correct herself by pulling back up to what was the intended original flight path. This situation had many different layers to it, there was the engineering component –

a) as will the aircraft be able to withstand all of this turbulence?

b) will this turbulence jeopardize the wing structure of the plane?

c) can the fuselage withstand the unexpected violent shaking caused by the irregular weather patterns above the Rockies?

d) can the passengers survive this shaking?

e) will a passenger have a heart-attack or will someone start to panic?

f) will an air pocket send the airplane plummeting downwards and will the aircraft survive the crash in the Rockies if that would happen?

g) would the universal radar be able to find the plane in the Rockies if it were to go down?

h) why is not the pilot relaying any announcements about this experience?

i) does he not want to admit of the danger we as passengers?

j) or is he trying to protect us?

k) Keep us calm, by understanding the severity of the storm but remaining strong and courageous; and keeping silent in order for the passengers to continue to believe this turbulence of the aircraft is only temporary?

l) whose hands are we as passengers in? the hands of the man? nature? science? engineering? technology? radar communications? or in the hands of God?

This scenario is an example of both a real situation and a perceived experience of the situation. It is also both a real event and an example of a paranoid process.

Visual Connection Mapping is often a multi – layered communication involving mind, senses and intellect and it is intended to be a responsible and a safe way for psychosis (which can represent the aircraft) and how the transmission of the psychosis is experienced by the helper when helping the client in the Visual Connection Mapping process.


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