See or Hear

Ethics that Visual Connection Mapping abides by:

  1. “Whatever I see or hear, professionally or privately, which ought not to be divulged, I will keep secret and tell no one.” P. 67 & 68
  2. “The Canon. The Chief cause for this seems to me to be that it is the only science for which states have laid down no penalties for malpractice.”P. 67 & 68 (This component means that one needs to continue to check and recheck ones ethics in order to continue to do positive work to help others – without the ability to do self-checks the chance of malpractice exists. It is necessary to always to self-check; if one does not do self-checks and re-checks one is forced to abandon helping others altogether)

Book source for point 1 and 2:

Title: Hippocratic writings
Author: Hippocrates.
McPherson Library: R138 H56

(image Canada Sept 18, 2017)


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