When conducting Visual Connection Mapping sometimes I may or may not consider what is justice and what is not justice.

Three components of justice that I may / or may not consider when applying Visual Connection Mapping are from the principles of the Code of Hammurabi from 1772 BC, namely

  1. actus reus
  2. mens rea
  3. non compos mentis


Sometimes / on occasionJust-World-Hypothesis-300x255, Visual Connection Mapping would apply theories from others, such as the Just World Hypothesis, namely that actions and conditions have predictable and appropriate consequences.

Post plan Dated October 23rd, 2014. Have conducted Visual Connection Mapping (VCM) for one (1) year in the drop in center at Our Place Society, on Pandora in Victoria City, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Self evaluation / self reflection on my journey as a VCM helper

  1. What am I doing?
  2. How am I doing this?
  3. The strategy is (…)
  4. Why?

What am I doing?

Creating a new way of thought regarding treatment resistant psychosis

How am I doing this?

By leading by example

The strategy is (…)

Validating treatment resistant psychosis especially treatment resistant ambivalence and counterattacking both levels with straight-lining and transparency


The Mental Health Act in Victoria City, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada and the Involuntary Treatment Clause regarding law around schizophrenia in my mind are not helping but instead causing individuals with treatment resistant psychosis with no resources and no supports to land on the streets; and I do not agree with this. I believe this to be an injustice to humanity.



Key ideas which help to hold the practical application of Visual Connection Mapping together through the duration of the development


  1. Amor fati love of fate Nietzsche
  2. Amor dei intellectualis
  3. Spinoza and Freud: Self Knowledge as Emancipation. Philosophers of the dark enlightenment dsytopia. The true Oedipal drive
  4. The Freudian Oedipuis theory is a modern way of fulfilling the wish of the mythological king who did not rest until he discovered the hidden truth about himself and his real situation in the world, even at the price of tragedy and the loss of his two eyes. P. 136. Spinoza and Freud. Chapter on Self-Knowledge as Emancipation,see point 5 for the book title and author (here under)”
  5. Title: Spinoza and other heretics
    Author: Yovel, Yirmiyahu.
    McPherson Library: B3998 Y68

Ideas and quotes


“The heaven we shall leave

To the angels and to

the sparrows.” P. 162 (see point 5 for title and author)


“All things excellent

are as different as

they are rare.” Spinoza, P. 164 (see point 5 for title and author)


Above is a picture of me, the Chief Operator / Developer of Visual Connection Mapping and The Communication Model, current date Sept. 16, 2017

Title: Essay on Treatment Resistant Psychosis from Sept 02, 2014

Treatment Resistant Psychosis is a medical condition. It is the result of not receiving adequate care through the Canadian Medical System. Treatment Resistant Psychosis consists of the symptoms of schizophrenia but it is not schizophrenia as schizophrenia is a medical term that means that an individual has had their symptoms of schizophrenia treated in the Canadian Medical Hospital. The actual name schizophrenia refers to the diagnosis that a medical professional has given an individual with the intention to treat, rehabilitate and conquer all of the both positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia. In contrast treatment resistant psychosis is the outward and inward symptoms of untreated schizophrenia. Over the decades the non-treated symptoms of schizophrenia do not receive a medical containment and this results in the individuals with treatment resistant psychosis visiting the drop in center at Our Place Society on Pandora Avenue in Victoria, British Columbia where I help individuals with treatment resistant psychosis.





I conducted Visual Connection Mapping for many years, and am still practicing, but along the way I would question it. These are three quotes that resonated with some of my practicing principles and confirmed resolutions

  1. “As far as science is concerned, there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that to look upon it as a means of increasing one’s power is a sin against the Holy Ghost.” Karl Popper, The Moral Responsibility of the Scientist.
  2. “Psycho-analysis is itself the disease which it purports to be the cure.” Karl Kraus9g2RZI5y

When working with individuals at Our Place Society on Pandora in Victoria City, Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada there were times when individual clients would talk to me about their telepathy. So I look-up it up.

Book # 1

“ESP and Psychokinesis. A Philosophical Examination.” Braude. P. 7 – 15

“Telepathic command”

Idea # 1

FWH Myers

  1. Telepathy = feeling at a distance

1.1 Telepathic cognitive

1.2 Telepathic interaction

Telepathy powerTelepathic communication