Title: Stigma among stigmatized, my journal entry about Visual Connection Mapping which I conducting at Our Place Society 919 Pandora Ave, Victoria, BC V8V 3N4.

Within the realm of marginalized there is a hierarchy. This hierarchy rests in the hands of individuals with more power. They apply a revisionism. This revisionism is like how historians write about facts that occurred in the past. To be more specific, in the Second World War and how the Israelites were targetted by the SS. There was a hierarchy in place. A hierarchy whereby each individual followed orders and the majority of system was like a dystopia versus a utopia. The cause and effect of the dystopia is the hierarchy system. It is within this system structure that the human being in the lower ranks cannot voice ones opinion, instead one is to follow orders. Even in 2014 this hierarchy system is in place. It is even in places like Our Place Society where the most marginalized apply the hierarchy system themselves. This leads to a stigma among the stigmatized. To me, it is the hierarchy system which causes marginalization and at the same time it is the best and only human system which is operable. Written August 15, 2013 Picture of the author here under. Sept. 17th, 2017. Greater Victoria Area, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. (Putting my mark on my work by showing my face)21751649_10154769016127019_2748791157897816166_n

Quotes that are inspiring to Visual Connection Mapping

  1. “Errors are many, truth is unique.” Peter Kapista


  1. Saying Friedrich von Schiller,
    1. Willst du lich selber erkennen, so sieh, wie die andern es trieben, Willst du die andrn verstehen, blick in dein eigenes Herz. (If you wish to know yourself, then look at the actions of others, If you wish to understand others, then look into you own heart) Anton_Graff_-_Friedrich_Schiller


I conducted Visual Connection Mapping for many years, and am still practicing, but along the way I would question it. These are three quotes that resonated with some of my practicing principles and confirmed resolutions

  1. “As far as science is concerned, there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that to look upon it as a means of increasing one’s power is a sin against the Holy Ghost.” Karl Popper, The Moral Responsibility of the Scientist.
  2. “Psycho-analysis is itself the disease which it purports to be the cure.” Karl Kraus9g2RZI5y

Idea # 1

About Freud > our awareness that he is in fact trespassing on territory outside that assigned to medicine

Idea # 2

Nietzsche Anti-Darwinism, P. 103 & 104

“Nietzsche accepts his instinctual inheritance & neither tries to conceal it or fight against it, but to affirm and make the best out of it” P. 103


“fluctuating individual psychological and physiological states of awareness” P. 104




Acknowledging that judgements are every where is key when working with others. In my experience judgements are on every single level from micro – level, through meso – levels to macro levels. Initially I figured the homeless population would be without judgement of others but that is false. In fact everyone appears to verbally or non-verbally judge everyone else.

“When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why they are poor, they call me a communist.” Dom Helder Pessoa Camara Catholic Archbishop Brazil, 1964 to 1985