Marginalized and vulnerable citizens

Sharing for the means of education only.

Christmas Eve in Victoria British Columbia Canada Dec. 24, 2014.

Location: Our Place Society Drop-in at 1120 am

Personal journal entry # 1

Our Place Society is the name of an organization in Victoria British Columbia which has an open drop in center for Victoria City’s most marginalized and vulnerable citizens.

On Christmas Eve what does the drop in center look like?

There is a calm atmosphere and a pleasant feeling at Our Place Society’s drop in center today. There is one individual in the courtyard standing up with a white tank top and a flipped up black baseball cap on. He is about 35 years old and he is swaying from left to right, then he disappears out of view.

There is a crowd of 5 men between 30 – 40 years old, all wearing black jackets standing behind the glass window which divides the inside drop in center from the outside courtyard. The wind seems to cause each individual to sway in a dance movement from left to right, ever so slightly. Two black crows replace the pigeons outside. They are like watchers and one is perched on a metal band and the other on the back cement border gate.

Personal journal entry # 2

Looking out the window at Our Place Society on Pandora in Victoria City I see the sun shining with sharp blades of rays against the church which borders the Our Place Society’s courtyard. The roughness of the blocks of carved stones create a hierarchical architectural balance stretching up to the top of the heavens.

Somehow dark shadows seem to find her way into the cracks of the sunlight flooded cast.

In an instance, pigeons fly into the courtyard. The pigeons wings protect the individuals in a courtyard like angels descending from heaven on the backs of white lined clouds. The black steel arrows on the tips of the boundary gates seems to pierce into invisible souls and lasting shadows – all whom want to escape from mundane society and transcend into the realms of the great divine.

Photograph, visual connection mapping 547


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