Safety First, The Communication Model


Ten (10) * key components of the Communication Model:

1. It is not therapy

2. It is not research

3. It is private & confidential

4. It does not offer any advice; does not promise anything

5. An individual partakes in the Communication Model out of free-will

6. An individual gives his/her consent to participate

7. It is free of charge

8. Zero monetary gain

9. It is done on a voluntarily basis

10. It is a humanistic model versus a medical modelImage

The Chief Operator of the Communication Model  is Ms. Annuska van der Pol, BA, PDD-IMHA Mental Health and Addictions Practitioner.

To-date, Ms. Annuska van der Pol is the sole resource of the Communication Model.

At this time – it is only her who can conduct the Communication Model.

If you are interested in learning more about the Communication Model, please contact her directly at or write TCM PO Box 8825, Victoria British Columbia, V8W 3S3 Canada.



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